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Jean’s Apple Tart Cake


3 Tablespoons butter

3 Eggs

¼ Teaspoon salt

¼ Cup milk

1 Cup flour

1 Teaspoon baking powder

1 Cup sugar

1 Tin pie apples

1 Small tin of condensed milk (can add ½ cup of milk)


Beat butter and sugar well

Add eggs and beat well

Add milk and dry ingredients alternately

Pour half of the dough into a buttered baking dish and pack the apples in layers

Pour the other half of the dough over the apple pieces

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes or until ready (test with skewer)

Heat the condensed milk with half a cup of milk and pour over the tart while it is hot (alternatively, use condensed milk only)


If you’d like to bake a simple cake, double the recipe and allow approximately 1 hr and 10 minutes of baking time.  Pour the condensed milk syrup over the top and then lightly whip Nestle dessert cream and pour it over the topping once it has set.

And if you’re up to it… let the kids decorate it (as Oliva did below – J is for Jean, her much-loved grandmother)

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A peek into The Biscuit Mill market with my best bud

‘Happiness is the biscuit mill market,’ said Starwalker.  ‘How about oysters and champagne for breakfast?’ 

Those were the last words I heard from SW.  I was taken up and away by the crowds and by the time we found each other again (about an hour later), le champagne had gotten warm and had been dutifully drunk by SW.

If you live in Cape Town (or are visiting) and you haven’t been to The Biscuit Mill market yet, here’s a peek (although there aren’t any pics of the top hot food section as it was way too busy to get any pics worth posting). 



 Best you get there soon!  It’s open every Saturday between 9am and 2pm.   The address is Old Biscuit Mill Complex, 373 – 375 Albert Rd Woodstock (directions).

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The Viking’s Secret to Great Pasta…

Here is the Viking cooking his Broccoli & Blue Cheese Pasta


Here is The Viking adding his secret ingredient (the one he adds to ALL his pasta dishes)


But will he part with his secret?






Maybe during lunch?!


Perhaps after this mouthful?


Perhaps after I've had a second helping?!


'I'll tell you,' says my lovely aunt, Candy


She whispers the secret across the table while The Viking tops up the bowl. 'Oh my word, can it really be that simple?' I stammer


'So all you have to do is make some garlic butter by crushing garlic in a pestle and mortar with butter and salt and that's it?' I say


'MAYBE,' says The Viking.


'There might be a little more to it than that!' says The Viking. 'The Secret is to add the garlic butter to the pasta and mix it up BEFORE you add your sauce, whatever that sauce may be.' And there you have it!


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From rugby balls to bread with James (aged 5)…

It was my Mom's worst nightmare that her grandson would grow up with rugby balls, and worse still, that James would end up liking them...

Of course, there was no escaping it since James was born to a rugby player whose father was a rugby player etc etc!...

I was reminded of this while looking through some photos I took of James at his first bread lesson (is it a baguette or is it a rugby ball?!)...

At such a young age he didn't waver from the task at hand...

Or miss a detail or lose his sense of enthusiasm or personal responsibility ('we must check the bread... is it ready yet?' he'd say every few minutes before heading off to the oven to see if the bread was 'golden brown' yet)...

His sense of bravery had me smiling - no, I wasn't to take the bread out of the oven, he could definately do it himself! ...

He delighted at sharing with everyone...

Including his four-legged ball-crazy fans...

All the qualities of a sportsman, and I can't help but think of my Mom cheering James on, whatever the case, rugby balls or not... x!

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The journey of a tart (or basil, cherry tomato, potato & corn quiche)

Our Quiche starts off as a layer of short pastry (Prepare a batch of short pastry – see covered by 4 chopped onions and a handful of basil...

It is then further layered with 3 medium sized cooked & sliced potatoes, crumbled feta and a generous few handfuls of grated cheddar...

And finished off with fresh corn (from 2-3 cobs) and cherry tomatoes before it is filled with savoury custard (double the recipe at and baked at 180 degrees until cooked & golden brown...

The Quiche rests in the garden until it is cool enough...

To be summonsed into the house...

By the Chief Taster...

Who finds the cherry tomatoes highly commendable...

And gathers further tasters...

The Quiche is approved of and sent to the table...

But then quite suddenly disappears and is never seen again...