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Condensed milk ice-cream (you might as well double the recipe!)

Scraping the leftover condensed milk from my mother’s tins over the years as a child, I grew to love the sweet, magical stuff.  One day I wondered what it would be like to have one’s Very Own Tin of Condensed Milk?

There was no denying that it would be a very fine thing indeed and since it was Christmas time, I bought six tins, designed my own labels and carefully glued them onto the pots of milky gold.

My sisters freaked at Christmas that year.  It was a major thing, let me tell you, to have your Very Own Anything with four girls around.  (Yes, condensed milk was always on the menu but shared: eg. my dad would punch holes into a tin which we’d pass around or make caramel which we’d all spoon out of the tin in one sitting).

My dad was fed sweet condensed milk as a baby.  My Mom baked with it.  It’s become a family tradition.  Needless to say, I can’t resist the stuff.  Take making condensed milk ice-cream for example:  it never quite gets to the ‘ice’ stage…


Ingredients: One tin of Nestle condensed milk, one tin of Nestle Ideal Milk, 250 ml of cream and 5 ml of vanilla extract

Method: Mix the condensed milk, Ideal milk (evaporated milk) and vanilla extract. Whip the cream well and then fold it into the condensed milk mix. Place in the freezer until there is crystal formation.  Beat the mix again and freeze.


5 thoughts on “Condensed milk ice-cream (you might as well double the recipe!)”

  1. HAHA!!! Love this!! You wont believe me but I am sitting here with a scraped out tin in front of my pc…..I baked cheesecake earlier and I ALWAYS scrape out the tin….or my kids do when they are around. If I could stick my tongue in there I would….hate a scrap of it going to waste :o) Yummy ice cream…I shall have to try it….for my grandsons you understand??? LOL! Hugs xx

    1. Colleen, I believe it, tee hee! Your chocolate cheesecake looked superb… and now that I know there’s condensed milk in it… sigh!!!!!!!!!! Hugs back and hope all is going well with your Indaba planning x!

  2. I made this ice-cream again last night and used 250 ml milk instead of cream. It still had a rich taste and texture. I’m opting for the milk version in future.

    1. What sort of milk did you use for the extra 250mls was it extra Ideal evap milk or normal cows milk? thanks

  3. I came across you and your recipes by chance, what a pleasure! I must add, some of them brought back memories and now cant wait to get into the kitchen ! Ex Capetonian now Kiwi.

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