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Casis’ Almond Rainbowland

‘Is your macaroon special still on?’ I asked.

‘Only on Mondays…’ replied the tall friendly chap behind the counter.

Oh…’ (pause).

‘But we have another special on today: any of these patisseries with a coffee on the house…’

Hmmmmmmmm‘ (ponder Opera ponder Tiramisu ponder Vanilla Tart with Strawberries) (pause).

‘Actually, I’ll have four vanilla macaroons please…’ (pause).

‘Since you always have vanilla, why don’t you try the chocolate or the pistachio, they’re our best-selling macaroons!’… (ponder ponder).

‘Ohhhhh, OKAY, let me TRY the chocolate AND the pistachio AND…’

‘And two vanillas?’

I took a bite of the chocolate macaroon just as soon as I’d paid.

‘But I can see it on your face, you prefer vanilla?!’

I tried the pistachio.  Then I savoured the vanilla macaroon.  And I savoured the other vanilla macaroon.

And then I realized that… one is surely enough.

That’s all I have to report today (except that my sister is off to Italy just as Starwalker arrives back from his adventures in Thailand where he apparently drank whiskey out of paint tins with local fisherman and got tattooed by an ancient monk in an ancient forest).

Ohhh, one more thing… here are Casis’ weekly specials:

For wanna-be-macaroon-makers, check out my friend Brownie Girl’s post on how to make chocolate macaroons at 😉 . 

Post-script. I admitted my Macaroon-Making- Fears to Brownie Girl and she has encouraged me to give it a bash, saying she’ll share her recent learnings and inspirations.  Thank you Colleen, I think I’m going to give it a bash quite soon (!)

6 thoughts on “Casis’ Almond Rainbowland”

  1. Love the creative simplicity of your posts. Just enough, not too much, not too little but a perfect supply of things to remember. I’m not a huge macaroon fan but it is interesting to watch the making process.
    It reminds me of the fear of heights! Hope yours turn out perfect. Browniegirl’s sure looked good.

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