My new shopping list (inspired by William Li’s anti-angiogenisis research)


Hold on a second, is that a strawberry smoothie sitting amongst my cookbooks… what happened to my COFFEE?!  

Still getting used to the idea but yes, I really am changing my shopping list.  Why?  Well, after watching Dr William Li’s anti-angiogensis lecture on TED, and speaking to people who have done a lot of research on the subject, I have decided to change my wicked ways… or at least adapt them somewhat!  

I’m up to the challenge of eating healthy for a change.  My immune system is calling for it.  Getting flu twice this winter (and losing my voice on top of it) wasn’t fun.  Not only that but hey, check out the first and last items on the list… surely these guys know what they are talking about?! 

Strawberries Blackberries Raspberries Blueberries Cherries Red Grapes Oranges Grapefruit Lemons Apples Pineapple Parsley Garlic Tomatoes Artichokes Pumpkin Bok Choy Kale Soy Beans Ginsing Maitake Mushroom Sea Cucumber Lavender Turmeric Nutmeg Green Tea Red Wine Olive Oil Grape Seed Oil Licorice Dark Chocolate  

Tuna was originally on the list but I’ve removed it from my shopping list.  I wish Dr Li had done the same – imagine the impact on the already overfished/vanishing creatures of the sea when everybody starts eating more tuna after heeding his advice. 

Anyhow, his work is inspiring and offers valid hope for people with diseases like cancer.  As he said though, prevention is better than cure.  

Let’s all drink to that! 


8 thoughts on “My new shopping list (inspired by William Li’s anti-angiogenisis research)

    1. Hi Chef Kapruka! I think your coconut oil is going to come in handy… busy checking out healthier appoaches to baking. Although I still love baking with eggs, butter, flour etc, I’d like to learn how to use alternatives for people on special diets and for those who just want a healthier approach on the whole. Thank you!!

  1. Hello there, thanks for your nice comments on my site (the edible library). I’m going to watch the video you linked to now… TED Talks are great! Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

    1. Hi Meaghan, thanks for popping in! I forwarded your tumeric tea recipe to my aunt and am still planning to make your date treats 🙂

  2. Oh man, eggs, butter and flour ARE healthy! And so is coffee! Unless, like Balzac, you drink 50 cups a day. But I hear you. I actually agree with all the things on that list except for Artichokes (too expensive) Bok Choy (too difficult to find), Kale (Ditto. Actually, I don’t even know what that is) Soy Beans (Yuck. May I substitute chick peas?) Ginsing (Marketing, marketing, marheting …) Maitake Mushroom (Wha??) Sea Cucumber (Whhaa??)

    1. Ohhhh I agree but sadly there comes a time when a girl has to give up living on butter/flour/egg/sugar desserts and cafe lates alone! Funny, I’ve bought just about everything on the list now except the very things you’ve mentioned (besides Kale which I found at the Fish Hoek SV Mall’s Saturday market, of all the places! It’s a hardy leaf and tastes somewhat like spinach when cooked). Sea Cucumber, hmmmm, another Whhhhhhhhhhhaa?!

  3. Wonderful! And hey, most types of tuna are still okay to eat. There’s a really informative listing on (Information & Tools tab) or you can sms the name of the fish to 079-499-8795 and you’ll get a reply straightaway. It’s a great service. I’m eating Gurnard these days, it’s a good substitute for kingklip.

    1. Thanks so much Jenny, I always love your informative comments! And great to know that tuna is still okay. Hope all is well! x L

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