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3 yoghurt chocolate cakes in 1 week… what’s got into my sister?!

My sister Nina baked her first cake ever a week ago.  She gave it away as a birthday cake (to her man so she got to eat some too).  It tasted so good and was so easy that she baked it again the day after.  She gave it away as a birthday cake to her neighbour up the road (hmmm, wonder if she had a slice there too?!).  This morning she jumped on her bicycle and cycled a distance I would never dream of.   Apparently she’s baking the same cake again today!  That’s three cakes in one week. 

For those of you who lack confidence in the baking department, why not give this cake a bash?  Nina’s no fuss approach had me flabbergasted.  She didn’t clean her tin before baking ( she said she doesn’t mind the smell of the sides of the tin burning), didn’t even out the top (she said she likes how full of character her cake tops are), didn’t wait for the cake to cool down before icing it (or before eating it for that matter), didn’t ice the middle but simply finished the top (she said it saves a whole lot of time and she manages to make two cakes out of one tin of caramel and 8 squares of Lindt chocolate)… and amazingly enough,  it turned out to be a beaut!

Here’s the recipe and my sister is pictured at work below…

Very impressive, Ms Fabulous Baker Girl!

7 thoughts on “3 yoghurt chocolate cakes in 1 week… what’s got into my sister?!”

  1. If your cake also turns out ‘full of character’ but you prefer a smoother look here’s what you can do: Cut the cracked top off the cake before icing (in which case you can also turn your cake upside down and ice the other side) or use a fluffy icing to fill the cracks. A small amount of cracking in cakes is normal though.

      1. Beware… once you start…. there’s no saying how many will follow!!

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