TEFL course, Cape Town

Well, thank you, Anairam and Shane, for your messages telling me to get a move on and post something (or should I say thanks for actually noticing that I hadn’t)! 

So, here’s why I’ve been awol: I’ve spent the last three weeks learning how to teach English. It was intense but I’ve come out of it with a new confidence.  More than that, I’m feeling incredibly calm and centred.  I think it’s because we were working on the real thing, authentic stuff.   No PR, no hype.  Everything we learned mattered and it showed in the eyes of the people we taught (or it didn’t).

Pictured below are my classmates and some of the kids we taught in Bo Kaap, Cape Town:

My first project was to teach a group of adults how to make an omelette.  Oh my word, was I nervous.  But, I soon forgot all about my fears as the class responded with jubilant enthusiasm.  My second project was to teach a group of ten year old boys about leadership.  What a beautiful time my co-teacher Matt and I had!  BUT when it came to teaching a bunch of seven year old boys, I was reminded of what happens when I (try to) ride horses.  In short, those kids ran wild!

Why did I do the course?  There’s the dreamy idea of being able to travel the world teaching… think Vietnam, China, Japan, South America… but really,  I wanted to know what it would be like to teach.  What I found was that to be a good teacher, you’ve got to be a good facilitator.  Nice.  It’s a generic skill that can be applied to anything one does. 


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