Guest Writer Starwalker’s Irish Soup for the Camper’s Soul

This is my friend, Starwalker.  Yip, the crazy one mentioned in the post below.  What I failed to say in my last post though is this: how amazing it is that we are still friends.  We’ve had some interesting times.

I recall, for instance, a particular occasion when Starwalker tripped and fell on me (one moonlit night as we trekked up a slippery mountain path which I shall never trek along again).  I ended up with my left arm in a plaster cast for several months.  Note: I am left handed.

I have since taken all trips with Starwalker out of the equation.  Not only because of said broken arm but also due to circumstances on a particular camping trip with Starwalker up The West Coast.  I’ll spare the details other than to say that it was his cooking that saved the day. 

It was, in fact, his Camping Stew that took the blues away, his Irish Camping Stew.  He’s just posted the recipe to me.  Here are his words:

  • This recipe has nothing to do with the Irish, except for the fact that I have Irish genes a few generations back and I heard about it before you did. 
  • It is not, in any sense of the imagination a gourmet meal. For a gourmet, calling it food in the first place is a bit of a stretch.
  • Neither is it a camping soup (the author just likes camping) but the beauty of it is that it can be concocted for a few bucks with ingredients available in almost every shop in South Africa.
  • It is also delicious, in an Irish camping sort of way.

1 Open a tin of cream of tomato soup. Try and find a good one.

2 Open a can of creamy style sweetcorn, emphasis on the words creamy style.

3 Open a tin of cream.

4 Combine ingredients together with salt and pepper in a pot.

5 Apply to heating device.

6 Put a loaf of farm bread (make your own if you can!) next to the fire.

7 Pour a bowl of delicious soup, smear bread with a wedge of butter and kick your feet up under the stars!

p.s. If the numbering system looks weird, that’s because I’m Irish in my little finger.

p.p.s. This really is delicious, really.

I call it Starwalker’s Irish Soup for the Camper’s Soul.  He asked me to post it.  I did.

(He said he’d cook me Seared Salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus or Butterflied Prawns with his flaming brandy sauce.  Actually he said he’d cook me anything, anything for a bit of publicity on WIU.  So what’s a girl to do?!)


4 thoughts on “Guest Writer Starwalker’s Irish Soup for the Camper’s Soul

  1. A bit off the topic … but did you know that Malbadhuis is having a winter special …. pay for 2 nights, get the 3rd free 😉 xxx

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