Back in Betty’s in Pajamas


The squeak of a door and the sound of the kettle. It’s The Viking making us coffee. 

I’m snuggled up under my duvet, warm and content with a book.  My aunt Candy is tap tapping away on her laptop (yip, she’s also in her warm and cosy bed) and before long, we’re chatting excitedly about the writers’ meeting we attended last night, our voices bopping across the passageway between rooms. 

The smell of the coffee pulls us out into the world. But not out of our pajamas. Nope, it turns out that in this place, this Writer’s Hotel in Paradise, one never has to get out of one’s pajamas! Here we are in our pajamas at 8.30am… 

 At 9.30 am… 

 At 10.30am… 

 And 11.30am… 

It’s around this time that The Viking asks if I’m staying for lunch. ‘No, thanks,’ I say. ‘But lunch is in half an hour and I’m making my broccoli and blue cheese pasta!’ ‘Ohhhhh so soon? Sounds fantastic… I’ll rush and have a quick shower!’ ‘There’s no rush!’ calls Candy. ‘Exactly,’ says The Viking. ‘There’s never any rush in this place!’ 


And there certainly isn’t. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I always feel a peace descend upon me when I come out to Betty’s Bay. And so it is that we lunch and strum our guitars (well, um, The Viking plays guitar while I just count the strings)… 


And then it’s back to matters of consequence… writing, reading, chatting, laughing…


And forgetting all about that thing called Time.

*Memory flash* * * I learnt The Viking’s Secret to Pasta over lunch * … simply have to share it with you… will do so in my next post… or should I say anon?! 


5 thoughts on “Back in Betty’s in Pajamas

  1. Thanks so much C & A for a wonderful time! And also just to say I’ll be sharing The Viking’s Broccoli & Blue Cheese pasta dish in the next post… Adieu!

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