My Dad, the cook…

My Dad is always enthusiastic and positive.  He also has the biggest heart in the world which he expresses best through food.  You’ll often hear him saying things like this: 

  • Come over for lunch on Sunday!
  • Come to dinner tonight!
  • How about lunch on Sunday?!
  • Why don’t you pop in tonight, maybe you can come for dinner?

 And this: 

  • I’ve cooked a special dish for you… have a taste!
  • TASTE this!
  • Try this!
  • You’ve got to taste this…
  • Before you go… just have a taste of this!

And doing things like this: 

  • Dishing up as if you haven’t eaten for a year (what you think is going to be a platter for the table turns out to be YOUR DISH and yours alone)
  • Even if you vehemently protest that you can’t POSSIBLY eat so much, he will laugh and say, well you can always take a doggy bag home with you!

We were there for lunch yesterday.  I asked him what got him into cooking.  ‘I started cooking when I was 6 years old – making porridge for the family on the farm in the mornings.’  

 I’ll tell you this, my Dad still makes the best porridge!  Unfortunately, we didn’t chat much more about it though because he was dashing between a million and one pots on the stove (and the roast in the oven) and dishing up this and that.  Also, there were plenty of helpers demanding our attention.  Note Olivia’s contribution to cleaning the bowls and James’ contribution to scrubbing down the butcher’s block: 
 We had a wonderful lunch… 
 Thanks Dad, it was delicious even if I didn’t finish EVERYTHING on my plate 😉 ! 


8 thoughts on “My Dad, the cook…

  1. Love it!

    What I was talking about when I said you are getting it: It is about effortlessly engaging the attention, even when the subject matter is trivial. There is no pause or reluctance to finish and you care about the author.

    1. Whewie Bladewarrior, I love your comment but you’d better be careful about saying such things as ‘trivial subject matter’!! My Dad’s a better cook than yours AND he can eat 12 eggs at a time by the way ;)! Correction: Oops, sorry, just remembered your Dad only had like a CHAIN of restaurants!!

    1. Hi Marisa, so lovely to hear from you!

      Yes, he is but there is a downside: my Dad’s policy of ‘you cook you don’t wash up!’

      You can’t imagine how many pots and pans and woks and plates my sister and I washed up afterwards… grumble grumble…

      x L

  2. I do so love popping in to your blog – you keep reminding me of my favourite pastime – eating! Well, one of my favourite pastimes, anyway. I have completely forgotten about french toast. How could I? I made it for the boys every Sunday evening – they liked it with syrup. I like mine with grated cheese on top. But I might also try your innovatibe One-Slice-Bread-Pudding idea. I actually think I might make myself a slice tonight … as I wait for the soccer to start …

    1. Oh, Anairam, I just love it that you pop in to WIU and thanks for letting me know you made the ‘bread and butter pudding french toast’, with raisins from your muesli nogal 🙂 !!

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