Is it French Toast… or is it (um) Bread & Butter Pudding?

DK was feeling sick today (while the flu bug that gave a guest appearance in my throat yesterday has disappeared – must have been the French Onion Soup, nes paux?!!) so I made French Toast (such a comfort treat!) for brunch. 

While his ‘egg bread’ was slowly cooking in the pan, I experimented with a few slices, inspired by my craving for bread & butter pudding (I don’t want to make a whole one because I know from experience that I’ll eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper). 

Anyway, I found myself popping some raisins into the bread while it soaked and one thing led to another…  a sprinkling of sugar, a powdering of cinnamon and a dusting of nutmeg…

DK looked inquisitively on, but he didn’t look too convinced, I have to say!  By the time he’d finished his French Toast, my Bread & Butter Pudding was ready for tasting.  ‘OH, hmmmmmmmmmmm… yes, it works!’ said he.

And yes, it did!

How to make Basic French Toast (or Egg Bread), allowing for 6 slices:

  • Cut 6 slices of white bread
  • Beat 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk and a dash of salt together in a wide-bottomed bowl
  • Briefly soak both sides of each slice of bread in the mixture (not too soggy & not too dry)
  • Lightly fry both sides of the bread in a pan with melted butter until the outside is golden brown and slightly crispy
  • Serve as a sweet or a savoury snack (as kids we loved the simplicity of tomato sauce on top of our ‘egg bread’ or honey or golden syrup)

How to make ‘Bread and Butter Pudding’ French Toast:

  • Same procedure as above – use raisin bread or pop some raisins into the bread while it is soaking, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg before slowly frying in butter until the edges are crisp.  You could also add a little cream
What I love about French Toast is that you can have it at just about any time of day… my all time favourite though is to have it as a midnight snack.  Rather yum!

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    1. Hmmmm, Bladewarrior, I’m not sure what it is I’m getting… but (um) thanks!

  1. Right now all I think I’m getting is another bread and butter pudding craving…

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