‘Love while you can’

Walking along the remote beach of Sandy Bay, we discovered two enormous trees that had washed ashore from a stricken cargo ship.  At first, from a distance, I was incredibly excited and ran towards the closest one, which had the words ‘love while you can’ written on it.  I liked the message, I loved the tree but as I tried to climb it, something stirred in me. 

The tree was a giant and impossible to hop onto.  I had to take my shoes and jacket off to get some grip and heave myself up.  As I walked along its trunk, I pictured where the tree had come from…

I pictured how it must have looked once upon a time and the life it had supported.  I pictured the animals that might have climbed it and the horror of the events as the loggers came in…

I pictured how they had chopped the trees down…

I remembered the stories I’d heard from a Brazilian man… About how the trees are brought down to the ground in the rain forests: two tractors drive through the forest with a huge chain saw between them..

And the relevance to a ‘food blog’?

Perhaps to just spare a thought for the forests of the world when next considering that new kitchen or dining room table…


Thanks DK for the above 3 photos… and for the link that tells more about ‘the logs’ : .


10 thoughts on “‘Love while you can’”

  1. Lana, how beautiful. And thank you for bringing the plight of the forest and trees to people. It’s always sad to me to think of how a lovely life-giving tree can be cut down so easily. Your pictures are beautiful and sad.

    Now on to the message…I believe we are given signs and messages as we need them. Until I just now wrote the last sentence, I didn’t think the message was for me and anyone who reads your blog, but as I deal with family issues, I’ve decided that I was supposed to see your tree and engraving today, and “love while I can”.

    So Lana darling, thank you, and as for you…love while you can!


    1. Thanks so much, Debs, you make me feel like I’ve written something worthwhile!

      I always felt quite helpless about what to do about the plight of the forests – shedding tears or dreaming about taking up arms didn’t exactly help so if writing about de-forestation makes the teeniest bit of difference then 😉

      As for ‘love while you can’- what a potent bit of graffiti to find on the beach… so glad you got something out of it too!

      x L

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It is GINORMOUS!! That is sad 😦 Maybe it had Macaws and Cockatoos like Kitti and Spike!!! 😦

  3. Profound thoughts and a beautiful post. Love your photos. Glad you managed to get them uploaded. Thats such a precious message carved out on that giant tree trunk….and those rusty marks on the bottom fascinate me. I wonder what was embedded there and for how long to have made those marks? Look sort of like s-hooks. Maybe something to hold them on board the ship? Congratulations on a great post. Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you so much Col, and it is a special message. I’d love to know who wrote it. The marks are as much of a mystery – let’s call them rusty dollar signs for now. Lots of love and hope you’re feeling a whole lot better… x!

  4. And, to think, that whoever wrote that.. must have written it after the tree was cut down. I wonder how that all came about?

    1. Dearest Jenny

      I read your article – THANK YOU so much for writing it and for posting a link here. It is terribly sad what is happening in Madagascar and all over the world. It’s a great crime against nature and such a loss. What can we do as individuals beside curb our demand for hard woods? I read that these particular trees in my post were headed East as well. I cringe when I think that some of my friends have got so wealthy out of importing Indonesian hardwood furniture… and all of us who buy this stuff. Here’s a new slogan: I love wood but I love trees MORE. Please feel free to leave any further thoughts on what we can do? Thanks again Jenny.

      x L

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