Posticino Ristorante – Italian in Seapoint, Cape Town


Starwalker and I hit the streets of Seapoint the other day.  We were starving and needed a quick snack.  We pulled into a parking bay on the main road, said thanks to the car guard and dashed into Posticino’s where we were met by the smell of fresh Italian pizzas baking in the oven. Starwalker was very patient as I played Goldilocks,  finally deciding to sit as close to the kitchen area as possible.   ‘But the waitrons will be passing us every few seconds!’ he argued.  ‘Exactly!’ I said rather cheekily (I love watching kitchen theatrics). 

The place is colourful, from the eclectic decor to the thin based Italian pizzas & the fruity Sangria (which we ate and drank with wild abandon).  Then there are the colourful characters who add that particular Italian flavour that makes Posticino’s such a hot spot: pictured below are the owner Gioacchino and his partner’s nephew ‘The Poet’…

Gioacchino joined us for a chat while we waited for dessert.  He told us that he was a tool maker once upon a time but that his passion was cooking.   He started selling his home-made pastas to a local Italian restaurant in Johannesburg and eventually decided to buy his own place, that place being Posticino in Cape Town.

‘What made you start making pastas when you were a tool maker?  I mean what was it that got you into cooking?’ I asked him.  Gioacchino paused for a moment before looking straight into my eyes with a mean-looking look: ‘Because,’ he said, ‘…….I am ITALIAN!’

‘Ooooooooh, I SEE,’ I said, taking a rather large gulp of Sangria!

‘Say no more!’ said Starwalker as he tasted the Tiramisu that had just arrived. 

We left fulfilled, inspired and holding a copy of  ‘Posticino Ten Years On – Ten Kilos On’, a dvd celebrating the first ten years of Posticino.  For more info visit 


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