There’s a cockroach in the kitchen! (A poem by Lana)


By Lana D.

The first time I saw it

it was wriggling from side to side

like a fish moth,

quite out of character,

snuggling under my glass bread board

going about its business


of me

watching over it,

my soft bare feet growing wings

as white as the tiles

on the kitchen floor.


In the following mornings

I felt that cockroach’s

beady black eyes

watching me

from the shadows

of my toaster,

its new shiny chrome home –

there’d be no more

marmalade on toast

for breakfast

with tea

for me.


Imagine my surprise

to find that cockroach

investigating what I was making for dinner tonight,

come to visit,

my favourite pet,

sauntering along the edge of the stove

as if it was

my honoured guest.

Brave, yet oblivious

of that age-old law:

To be a curious cockroach

is a fatal flaw

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4 thoughts on “There’s a cockroach in the kitchen! (A poem by Lana)

    1. How awful though that the inquisitive little creature who inspired a poem was flushed down the loo… I still feel bad about that.

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