Last bread in Betty’s Bay

Well, my stay in Betty’s Bay has come to an end for now.  I’m heading back to the city for a while until the next adventure.

I’ll miss the place and the people and the long, leisurely lunches, the mongooses’ visits, the call of the baboons from the Kloof,  the birds playing hop-scotch through the vynbos, the smell of the earth and that magnificent mountain that lines the bay that harbours the whales when they come.  I’ll also miss watching the bread rise in the sun and shaping it in the garden with the mountain for company.


3 thoughts on “Last bread in Betty’s Bay

  1. That is the most stunning looking bread. Saw your Betty’s photos on facebook. Just fabulous. Has been lovely meeting you. You are like a breath of fresh Betty’s air :o) xx

  2. I have to agree with BG. After the conference my husband asked me if I know you…… he said “her enthusiasm is contagious!” Never, ever, ever lose that quality and keep baking….lovely meeting you!!!

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