Zevenwacht Chef School – Graduation

Me, Michelle, Bianca and Kim… Patisserie Distinctions all around!

A quick journal entry to say hooray!  We had our graduation ceremony the other day and Chef Tim handed le pattisserie chef in training a pastry diploma that had ‘distinction’ written across it.  What a thing, the theory exam was a breeze but I’ll never forget that prac exam day when everything seemed to burn except what was in the oven (besides frying my brains at the end when I thought I was running out of time, I burnt my arm and my tea towel went up in flames)!

Congrats to my fellow classmates and a big thanks to Chef Tim, Chef Grietjie and Chef Jan for a great ceremony and the school’s sponsors for being there.  Looking forward to following everyone’s adventures…

Chef Tim is in the background of the photo above – thanks for everything Chef and especially for putting up with endless photo shoots (but then again, a couple of Chef Tim’s demonstrations are the top hit posts on Whipping It Up).

4 thoughts on “Zevenwacht Chef School – Graduation

  1. Congrats on graduating! What an achievement. Was great meeting you at the SAFBC today – looking forward to your blog updates. 🙂

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