How to fillet a fish, as demonstrated by Platvis

Platvis lives for the sea.  Not only does he dive for a living but he dives in his spare time too.  His house is decorated with oil paintings of boats and fishing villages.  A row of spear guns line the wall next to the fireplace where a fossilised shark’s tooth sits amongst a collection of shells and stones. 

When I first met Platvis, he taught me how to cook and eat crayfish and also how to de-scale and fillet a fish.  It wasn’t easy to scrape off the scales of  a beautiful creature and then cut into its flesh.  But I thought that if I can eat fish then I should be able to deal with it.  It took ages and I appreciated the fish even more.

Here is a photo series of Platvis de-scaling and filleting a Steenbras he speared in Betty’s Bay recently.  He used a very sharp knife and cut quickly and confidently so as to avoid hacking the flesh:

Platvis cut some of the fish up for the mongooses…

And placed it on their special rock table in the garden:

Another Mongoose Picnic in Betty’s!


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