Whipping up a list of 40 things I love…


  1. Everything about my Mom
  2. My family & friends and all adventurous & quirky spirits
  3. Cuppachino in the morning (best in Paris with a pain au chocolate, n’est-ce pas?!)
  4. Bread (from kneading to baking but especially shared over lunch with good cheese and wine) 
  5. Traditional Puddings like Tiramisu (the real thing)/Trifle (the real thing)/Bread and Butter Pudding (the real thing)/Rhubarb pie (the one my Mom made for us on the farm)
  6. La Colombe
  7. Passionate chefs
  8. Sensitive and inspired artists, architects, urban designers (and a world that welcomes them!)
  9. The smell of Saint Joseph Lilies & the earthy smell of certain Proteas 
  10. Floating down a river on a lilo
  11. The miracle of whale song
  12. Jumping on my mountain bike
  13. Rollerblading on a long flat quiet road through nature
  14. The feeling of bodysurfing on a beautifully formed wave on a hot Summer’s day
  15. Long unbroken trips like car journeys and train trips (especially with your own private compartment on a slow train)
  16. Music, dance, architecture, poetry, design, inspired movies…
  17. Grittiness… gutsyness
  18. Imperfection
  19. Accidental discovery
  20. Wild places
  21. Rhythm…percussion
  22. The smell of sweat
  23. Discovering new places, spaces, tastes
  24. Experimentation
  25. Writing poetry
  26. Dylan Thomas/EE Cummings/Dr Seuss (and The Magic Faraway Tree as a child)
  27. The smell of wet earth and dusty roads after rain, the smell of forests, the smell of bush fires
  28. Starry skies and the aliveness of the night
  29. Fast cars, speed
  30. Insects (especially spiders, scorpions, dragon flies, ants, bees…), snakes, chameleons, elephants, rhino, buck and birds
  31. Barcelona
  32. All things French (especially the villages and approach to life in the South of France)
  33. Quiet… silence…
  34. Sports cars, bridges, cranes, harbours, trucks, freight trains, scrap metal yards
  35. My mountain
  36. Tears, rain, thunder storms & lightning, water in all its forms
  37. A fire on a cold winter’s evening
  38. Being alive, living in Cape Town, the people of Africa
  39. My boyfriend
  40. The creatures of the sea

5 thoughts on “Whipping up a list of 40 things I love…

  1. This is such a cool list, I’m with you on almost everything! Wish I could be floating down a river on a lilo right now with no worries in the world!x

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