The simplest Rustic Apple Pie

I made the quickest Apple Pie the other day.  I was driven by a picture in my head of an apple pie without a lid on it but I was anxious that the apples would be dry as a result… the chief tasters, however, had me thinking that I would definitely make it again.  Their words:

‘WOW, this is DELICIOUS!’

‘Hmmmmmmm, this is the best apple pie I’ve had in ages!’

‘Ooooohhhhh, I love how light it is and that it’s not overly sweet!’

Here is my rough & tumble recipe (the ingredients are highlighted in bold):

  • Make sweet pastry – see
  • Roll out sweet pastry into greased pie tin
  • Wash and thinly slice 5 or 6 apples or more depending on the size of your tart tin (I used 4 golden delicious apples and 1 granny smith – perhaps the secret is that I used fresh apples)
  • Poach the sliced apples in some boiling water until just soft
  • Dry and soak in freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Line the pie dish with layered apples so that it looks beautiful (!)
  • Sprinkle with blobs of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar (I would have added a touch of clove if I’d had some!)
  • Bake at 180 degrees celsius until the pastry is golden brown

When the apple pie came out of the oven, I swirled the juices over the apples (which then had time to set on the journey down the road to the chief tasters).  I arrived to find my aunt photographing flowers…

My grandmother reading a book…

The Viking in the kitchen (who merrily whipped up the cream while I made the tea)…

And Claire on the phone to her love….

It wasn’t long before everyone gathered in the studio for a good ol’ fashioned tea.

(Oh, the delights of sharing good ol’ fashioned simple apple pie ‘n cream with lovin’ folk)!


4 thoughts on “The simplest Rustic Apple Pie

  1. I am sure they’d all love to meet you too and taste your prawn dish, Starwalker… but what to do about you being Banned from Betty’s?!!!

  2. Anairam, an even easier approach is to buy some all butter puff pastry from Woolworths, roll it out, steam the apples, sprinkle on sugar, cinnamin and some blobs of butter and then bake at 180 to 200 degrees celsius until the pastry is cooked through! I”ll post a puff pastry apple pie pic anon…


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