A (snap!) happy lunch in Betty’s… Xxxxx

My family gathered around a rustic spread of home-made cherry tomato quiche and hot bread from the oven with brie cheese, preserved figs, salads and my experimental pear cheesecake last week to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. 

My sister was just about to break the bread when I shouted ‘hold on, I need to get a photo for my blog!’  Now, I know my family isn’t a very formal one when it comes to gatherings but this was a little odd to say the least.  But then again, my family was experiencing a rather harmless side-effect of what life must be like for all food bloggers’ families out there!

Everybody froze as I jumped up on the bench to get a ‘top shot’.   ‘Just one more of the bread please Nins, won’t you hold that pose…’  I mean it was an unusual shape after all, one that had to be documented (the result of trying to fit two large breads onto one baking tray). 

Next thing everybody was shooting from the hip, including the baby who decided she was going to cut the bread with the egg lifter.  Trevor, a movie producer by profession, was directing us all:  ‘I want an over the top of  all of you…’ And then James  (future movie director?):  ‘Why don’t you make a moustache with the bread?’ 

Once we’d finished our rather active lunch, we lit a candle for my Mom and had tea together while the children caught frogs in the pond.   Then it was siesta time followed by a walk on the beach and an evening of music.  A day full of fun and a day full of love.


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