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Creme Royal for quiches

Here is a very simple and effective recipe for ‘savoury custard’ that is used in quiches:

  • 300 ml cream
  • 200 ml eggs (about 4 eggs)

Whisk the eggs and cream together and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Once you have prepared and rested your shortcrust pastry (see previous recipe), then roll it out until almost transparent.  Line your pie tin and fill with whatever savoury filling you desire.  Fill up the tart tin with Creme Royal and bake at 180 degrees celsius.

Cheese is good in quiches as it gives colour, flavour and taste.  As for a crisp salad on the side… well, that goes without question!

6 thoughts on “Creme Royal for quiches”

  1. Hey there, lovely blog! I know this is random… but I recognised you from your picture, I work at vanilla house in Durbanville and I think you came in last year sometime? We chatted randomly, just thought i’d say hi to a fellow blogger! Your blog is absolutely amazing,
    Robyn (chocswirl)

    1. Hey Robyn, yes I remember talking to you about Patisserie at Vanilla House! So good to see local faces popping in at WIU! You must check out Cook Sister & her food & wine blog: and the food blogging conference that is coming up in Cape Town. Going to visit your site and leave a message there too. Look forward to seeing you soon, Lana

  2. Thanks for this hot tip. I’ve also fussed around, looking for recipes to match the ingredients in my fridge. Now I am liberated 🙂

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