7 thoughts on “A day to remember Xxxxx”

  1. Thanks for all your delicious treats and having us all over and your beautiful haven … was such a lovely morning. Sorry we couldn’t have stayed longer. xxxx

    1. Gabsi, it really was… thanks for coming out! Next time bring P and we’ll do the beach & mountain thing… and visit Cand et al! xxx

  2. Hi there. I saw your comment on my blog about attending the Cape Town Food Bloggers Conference. Would you still like to attend? If so please send me your personal details – real name, blog name, email addie and cell no to collywolly50@yahoo.co.uk asap. and I will send you banking details. Thanx so much. You have a fabulous blog. Once the conference is over I will have time to come and visit for a while going through it….hope to see you soon xx

    1. Thanks for your message, Colleen! I’ve received your email re banking details etc and will deposit shortly. Two of my blogging buddies are keen to come too.

      Looking forward to the conference and meeting you. Thanks again, Lana

      1. Thanx Lana, please will you get your blogging buddies to contact me as soon as possible so that I can book them seats? Thanx for that. Much appreciated. I would love to have a full house for this conference. Looking forward xx

  3. Hi – just discovered your blog today! I maintain the South African Food and Wine Blog Directory (http://cooksister.typepad.com/sa_food_and_wine/) and I have added you to our list of food blogs. If you are happy to be added, I will also send you a short questionnaire, the answers to which I will use to do a profile post on you (you will see examples on the blog). Please e-mail me and I will send the questionnaire!

    1. Hi Jeanne and thanks so much for popping in and for your message. After visiting your blogs, I just want to say a zillion more thank you’s (so much effort and care)! I will email you re your questionaire. Much appreciated, Lana

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