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How to make short pastry for savoury dishes

I’m busy making short pastry for a quiche so I thought I’d share the recipe, since it’s just me in this cosy kitchen an’ all.  It’s late and the wind is sounding quite eery outside – nothing that the whir of the oven’s fan won’t soothe away in a moment.

This recipe will allow for 1 very large tart base or 16 small tartlet bases.


  • 240 g cake flour
  • 180 g butter
  • 70 ml iced water

Hand Method:

  • Rub flour into the butter with your fingertips (rub from a height until the mix resembles a fine crumb)
  • Slowly add the water in stages and mix the pastry with a cutting action (using your pastry cutter)

Machine Method:

  • Blend the flour and butter together in a processor (pulse)
  • Slowly add the water until the pastry ‘comes together’

Note – you may not need to use all the water.  It will depend on the weather conditions and your flour ie. you don’t want to end up with a ‘sticky pastry’.  Add some more flour if you feel it is too ‘sticky’.


  • Before rolling your short pastry, allow it to rest in the fridge for 15 – 30 minutes or so
  • Roll the pastry evenly so that it is thin enough to be ‘slightly’ transparent
  • Line your greased tin with pastry & press the edges firmly into the sides of the tin ensuring there are no air pockets
  • Fill with required filling (eg. Creme Royale for quiche which is posted in the above post – please note that I doubled the Creme Royal recipe for this amount of short pastry) and bake at 180 degrees celsius until golden brown

The secret of pastry is to treat it lightly – don’t overmix it or overwork it.

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