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Excellent baked cheesecake recipe

I have used this baked cheesecake recipe for several functions, including my own birthday party.

It ALWAYS goes down well with everybody!  You can use your imagination for the toppings – I love using whole fresh strawberries on top (dusted with icing sugar).  You could also serve it plain, why not?!



  • Mix the cream cheese, condensed milk & cream together (until smooth)
  • Mix in all the other ingredients
  • Grease a tart tin and then line it with your sweet pastry
  • Pour the mix into the pastry tin
  • Bake at 110 degrees celsius until the pastry is golden brown and the cheesecake has set (test for readiness by prodding gently with your finger  – it should have a firm consistency)
  • Apologies but I don’t have a baking time for you – we were not taught to work with TIMES.  Chef Tim taught us to be in touch with what we were baking – the golden rule was this: ‘It’s ready when it’s ready!’  It was frustrating for us patisserie-chefs-in-training in the beginning but it has proved to be a wonderful way of working.

Allow your cheesecake to cool before serving.

4 thoughts on “Excellent baked cheesecake recipe”

  1. Later: OH NO! I was in the middle of mixing everything when I discovered I had no custard powder (that’s what happens when you get caught in conversations with friendly folk in the shopping aisles of new towns!). I added 2 extra egg yolks to the mix to help it set… who knows if that will work!

    Also, the shop down the road doesn’t stock the Nestle condensed milk I normally use – the condensed milk I had to buy has a saltier taste. Not too fabulous. I added more sugar to the mix.

    I’m very curious to know how this experimental cheesecake is going to turn out…

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