The Best Little Fish Shop in… die hele blerrie plek!


Well, it was quite by chance that I discovered Mimo’s on the main road of Betty’s Bay.  I’d gone to visit John The Potter, only to find myself wondering why on earth the lights were all out.  I thought that perhaps I was at the wrong entrance and was looking at all the mosaic work in the garden when a woman suddenly opened the door: ‘Hello, do you want to come in?  Sorry we normally close at 5pm.’ 

I stepped back, while checking the time on my cell phone: 5.30 pm.  ‘Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I totally lost track of the time.  In fact, I’m even losing track of the days since I’ve been here in Betty’s!  No, don’t worry, I’ll come back another day.’  We exchanged a few more words and then I hopped over the little gate and crossed the road, my stomach leading me in the direction of a little fish and chip shop… 

I ordered hake and chips from the pretty lady with bright brown eyes and the guy standing next to me said, ‘oh, that’s exactly what I’m having.  I tell you, this place makes the BEST fish and chips in this whole area, there’s no place better between Gordon’s Bay and Hermanus.  I get my fish and chips here two or three times a week.’ 


It turned out I was talking to the Baker from the Deli where we bought beautiful brie and preserved figs on Saturday.  He used to be a fitter and turner and took over the baking job from his niece six months ago.  While we were chatting about the joys of making bread,  I noticed how gently the lady behind the counter handled the fish.  She lay it out on the table and carefully patted it dry.   ‘Oh, PLEASE may I photograph you and put you on my blog!’ I asked. 

Next thing we were doing an impromptu shoot and Louise was saying that her and her husband had moved to Betty’s from Kwazulu Natal and that she was really a book keeper.  ‘This is my husband’s business, it’s his day off today.  I much prefer working with my books – I don’t know what it is but figures send me off into a peaceful place… almost into a state of meditation!’   

She dipped the fish into a thick batter and held it upright whilst gently easing the excess batter off the flesh.  


And then she attended to the frying of the chips… 


While I took some shots of the shop… 



I was just in time to see Louise add a fresh slice of lemon to the hake and chips before she wrapped it all up in paper.    



After taking a couple of bites,  I thought that perhaps it wasn’t quite right to post Mimo’s batter recipe.  

It really should remain a trade secret!


2 thoughts on “The Best Little Fish Shop in… die hele blerrie plek!

  1. I think this is sounding among your best – why? Because there is a relaxed STYLE evolving. You realise at some point that nothing is more or less interesting than the view of somebody who is inherently interesting.

  2. I so agree! Was in Betty’s bay last year October and my and hubby and a few friend had this ‘diep lus’ for fish and chips. On our way to the small habour we spotted mimos.
    We popped in checked the menu out and saw how the owner prepared the customer before us meal. OMW!!!!!! we ordered 2 hake and chips parcel and 2 calamari and chips. Was the the best hake and chips we had!???????????? Hell yeah! i almost eat the paper it was wrapped in!
    BLERRIE lekker FISH & CHIPS!!!

    Cape Town

    PS. are they opened Sundays?

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