I think I’m a slave to my blog!

WHAT am I doing here at something past one in the morning while the world sleeps, loading up photographs that take FOREVER?

I don’t ENJOY loading up pics, waiting a zillion hours to complete the shortest of blog entries.  And I don’t get paid to do it… SO, what, pray tell, is keeping me at this?


I think it’s just that my blog has become bigger than me now.  It’s starting to feel something like bread dough that is rising.  I can feel that something yeasty is going on, it’s activating – my hits are doing triple somersaults.  And you know what else,  this little Gypsy Girl is now DUTY bound.  Yes,  folks, I have a whole TWO subscribers!

Maybe I should just accept that bakers have always kept weird hours.  So have Gypsy Girls, I suppose!

Good Night!

(Oh, sorry, I should have said Good Morning).



4 thoughts on “I think I’m a slave to my blog!

  1. The blog is a breeze of fresh air – just an exhilirating way to start the day by reading words from the pen of the Gypsy Girl. And such a sexy Gypsy Girl….

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