Rough-guide blogging stats & Blips on the radar screen…

When you start blogging, you’re fully aware that your blog is just a little dot in the universe and that no-one’s ever going to find it.  You’re quite content with this and carry on doing your thing, for reasons only you might know! 

Then one day, there’s a blip on your radar screen and you feel like you’ve discovered life on another planet (or is it the other way around?!).  

When you see that the flat line of your graph is showing a heart-beat, you want to jump for joy: SOMEBODY out there is reading SOMETHING that you’ve written!  And you feel like your blog is finally on some kind of rough-guide map.  

My friend, who has a blog, told me a few months ago that she has about 100 hits a day.  I could hardly believe it.   Was it really possible and who were all these people reading her blog… and how had they found it?  I started blogging last year sometime in the middle of July.  Nothing much was really happening – I was delighted if my blog got a couple of hits a day.

My stats graph happily ambled along until the Christmas holiday season – the time when I was finishing my patisserie course and thinking that this was the end of my blog.  Then something rather unusual happened… the graph suddenly spiked to a ridiculous height (well, for my humble blog!)… and visitors haven’t stopped bopping in from outer space since then.  I realized that I couldn’t quit, no way… not when my baby blog was just starting to crawl! 

In the meantime… I have to report that, hey, 100 hits in a day is possible.  It happened here at Whipping It Up today for the first time. 

Just want to say THANK YOU to you, Mr/Ms Reader…

You mean a whole lot to us bloggers – you make us feel like we’re not lost in the wilderness!

And that kinda makes our day!!


3 thoughts on “Rough-guide blogging stats & Blips on the radar screen…

  1. Congratulations with your 100 hits a day….I can soooo identify with this and agree…the readers make our world go round.

    I am trying to find bloggers to invite to the Cape Town Food Bloggers information. You are cordially invited.
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    If you are interested in attending please mail me your real name, blog name and contact info (email and cell no) and I will get back to you. And if you know any food or wine bloggers out there please would you forward on my message? Thank you so much. Ive bookmarked your blog and will come back when I get a chance. xx

  2. Thank you Colleen!

    SO looking forward to your Food Blogging Conference… and meeting other bloggers!!

    Will pass on the info.

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