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How to make chocolate porcupine quills – as demonstrated by Tim Woodford

Melt your milk chocolate and pour it onto a cool flat surface

Begin the process of tempering your chocolate...

Note that this same process will apply to your 'white' chocolate ...

Tim Woodford in action...

Secure four rows of masking tape onto your surface, allowing for same-sized gaps between the rows

Pour white chocolate onto your surface and...

Spread your chocolate across the surface with a palette knife

Remove the masking tape...

Pour out your milk chocolate

Roll out your milk chocolate

Use a sharp knife to cut along the edge of the chocolate and the porcupine quill will reveal itself!

Chef Tim is an expert at this!

Chef Tim's Porcupine Quill Cake

1 thought on “How to make chocolate porcupine quills – as demonstrated by Tim Woodford”

  1. Don’t forget to peel the chocolate off the masking tape for chocolate ‘swirls’ – great for decorating cakes or cupcakes!

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