Banana, Caramel & Cream Pie

I made a caramel and banana tart (called Banoffi, Bananarama and who knows what else!) on a sweet pastry base for the band.  It was the first time I worked with my new extra-large pie dish.  WELL, now I know why those monsters aren’t used too often.  It was pretty hard to roll out the pastry to that size without breaking it so I just ended up moulding the pastry into the dish with my fingers.

‘You look like a sculptor at work,’ said Starwalker peeping out from behind Julia Child’s ‘My Life in France’. 

I smiled because that’s exactly how it felt.  And that’s why I love working with pastry, you’re in touch with your ingredients all the way.  Perhaps that’s why I’m not interested in making cakes that don’t require much handwork – everything gets measured up and thrown into a mixing bowl!   

What you’ll need:   

Sweet pastry (see ‘how to make sweet pastry’ on my blog)   

1 tin of caramel (I used two in this case)   

1 tub of cream (as above)   

2-3 bananas (I used about 4)   

Lemon juice   

Cinnamon (if desired)   


Apply the caramel in blobs onto the cool pastry base & then even it out with a spoon   


Whip up the cream and place on top of the caramel   


Slice the bananas and soak briefly in lemon juice before placing on top of the cream   


Spinkle with cinnamon & serve chilled   

Back to the band:  

I met up with them last night – it was their first gig at a restaurant in Pringle Bay.   


‘Hey, Whipping It Up, that Bananarama Tart was delish!’ said Geoff during the break.    

Next thing, Claire was inviting me to join them on stage as the back up percussionist on… wait for it…. the shakers.  ‘NO WAY!’ I said.  ‘OOooooooooooh, come on, you’ll enjoy it!’ sang Claire.   

And guess what, folks, I did it.  I faced the music and danced.  Yes, really, that’s the only way I could get the rhythm (not being a musician an’ all!).  And although I was shaking in my shoes, I faced that audience head on, I tell ya!   

BUT, Hmmmmmmmm, once again….   


There wasn’t one!   


Except for this one local fellow, who didn’t seem to mind that the electricity had gone out and the kitchen was closed…     



4 thoughts on “Banana, Caramel & Cream Pie

    1. Thanks Paula!

      Meeting you and Claire… and hearing you sing and all, well… it’s just been wonderful!

      x L

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