I think I’m losing my muffins!

Okay, so if you look closely, you’ll see two little muffins peeking over the edge of my jeans here.  Nothing to write home about.

But, then, the patisserie course started and things changed… just a little. 

And little by little, well, 6 months later I found myself SLASHING slits in the back of my jeans to allow my new muffins some extra space.  I wasn’t thinking ‘OH NO, I’ve put on a few kgs!’ Nope, I was thinking what a brilliant idea and why haven’t designers thought of this before?

Anyway, I put them one-of-a-kind slit jeans on today for a journey into the neighbouring town (where I spent my month’s food budget in one day – it’s a thing only having a few veges and half bottles of milk available at the little cafe down the road).  But then I found them kinda slipping down the whole time.

So, what did I do, dear friends? 

I bought three cookbooks. 

And I bought:

  • Flour, eggs, sugar
  • Butter, butter, butter
  • Cocoa
  • Cream
  • Caramel (several tins!)
  • Condensed milk (as above!)
  • And enough other goodies to make a hundred and one tarts

Oh and I also bought a brand new tart tin.

Yes, folks, that’s what I did!

Jeans, slit jeans especially, well.. they gotta fit just right, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “I think I’m losing my muffins!”

  1. Dangerous curves – I’ll show you dangerous curves, you slit jean hussy, you!!! How are you doing, Lana? Sending sugary kusses.

  2. Oh, Lana, this post has had me laughing – seriously – out loud. You see… all your body has been wanting to do is eat; you’ve just been ignoring it. But, oh dear… you’ve mixed up the messages because I’m certain it wasn’t just wanting all those sweet, fatty things to fill up empty calories. Ooops! I mean ’empty slits.’ x

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