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Baguettes in Betty’s

I decided to send a short story (about a Lily) I’d written to a friend last night. His response: ‘You’re bad! And good’.

And then he sent me his writing and I laughed so that the giggles bounced back off the walls. It was all so corny! That’s when I realized that my piece was too. I sigh to think of what I’ve posted out there into the world, thinking it was okay at the time. But one learns…. slowly but surely. I think it’s going to take YEARS of constant reading and writing to get into the flow of something really special. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

I felt the same way about making bread when I first started at Patisserie School. The gooey doughy mess just seemed to get gooey-er and gooey-er the more I worked it and it felt like I was never going to get to the stage of ‘silky smooth’.

Funny that the only thing that made me feel better about ‘being such a terrible writer’ this morning was to write 2000 freeflow (‘whatever comes words’) and then get down to basics by preparing some dough for baguettes. The kneading and throwing is always somewhat grounding and the whole process somehow soothes the soul!

The dough is presently rising in a big old pot in the sun by the pond, as is my desire to get back to Brenda Ueland’s book: IF YOU WANT TO WRITE.

 (Yes, Ido…IdoIdoIdoIdoIdo!).

See the above post for a simple baguette recipe.

3 thoughts on “Baguettes in Betty’s”

  1. I baked a bread this weekend (the round hot pot one I told you about), but that has long since gone. L’Usband has just baked a bread this morning, but when THAT is finished I am going to try your baguette recipe. I want to see the Lily story!

  2. Oh, Anairam, so nice to hear from you!

    Lily piece… um!

    Le Bread… Fabulous, and even more so that L’Usband is so good in L’Kitchen!

    I still WANT TO KNOW how you do the POT bread…. is that the no knead bread? Anyhow, I MUST tell you about the best baguette bread I made recently… and what the secret was: I poured olive oil over the bread and ground a sprinkling of salt over the top. OH! Even Star Walker said it was the best bread he’d ever tasted.

    Which reminds me… that dinner dahrling!!

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