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The gooey monster that is DOUGH!

I write and illustrate a story for my family for Christmas every other year.  This year the story was about a Princess who mixes a monster in her kitchen that grows and grows.  She is about to leave the castle for good when she finds out that the monster is dough and nothing to be scared of.  The story ends with an invitation to a bread lesson. 

The first people to jump  at the opportunity?  The kids!  That includes my father (I’ll post something about that lesson a little later!), Olivia and James.  Olivia was into mixing and kneading the dough and James excelled at seeing the whole process through, which included checking on the bread, taking it out of the oven, telling eveybody to smell it and sharing it with everyone,  including baba Chiara.

It was lots of fun, as you can imagine, but it was a also a RATHER messy affair!

Guess which bread is Olivia’s….

3 thoughts on “The gooey monster that is DOUGH!”

  1. Oh, please, please, please, I want to hear the story AND I want to have a Bread Lesson!

    BTW this weekend I baked an olive bread – and it turned out really well. Hmmm. So can I change my request to a Croissant Lesson, sil vous plait?

  2. Dearest Anairam

    You shall have Le Croissant Lesson as soon as I am back from Betty’s (perhaps I should have a class coz there are a few people who want to learn…………….. ?!!).

    Looking forward to hearing more about your breads too… Le Olive Bread, Le No Knead Bread… Le ST calls (oh, that’s where Le Monsteur can be read)!

    Lots of Le-ove

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