End of Patiserie Course (FINAL EXAM)!

Yesterday was my final day at Chef School ie. MY PRAC EXAM!! 

I was on the road at the crack of dawn and at school early so that I could (literally) get my pots and pans in order!  My spirits were high as I began work at 7.45am: I had everything planned, I had a strategy, everything was measured up and I was rearing to go. 

Once the pastries were resting in the fridge (working on the puff pastry was a dream, thank goodness), I began kneading the bread dough.  Everything was going well but as I moved onto the fillings, the sponge and the bavarois, I was finding the time to CAREFULLY READ my recipes and CLEAN UP EVERYTHING as I went along.  I suddenly remembered a classmate’s words: ‘I don’t know why but once I reached the middle of the exam, I started slowing down!’   I looked up at Ed who was doing his exam across from me.  He was already plating some of his items and I realized I WAS slowing down.  I panicked.

I felt like a soldier going into battle as I started multi-tasking.  There were 3 ovens to watch, the mixer and the stove… and yes, there were fires (my tea towel caught alight) and burns (I have a new tattoo on my arm!).  I was running out of ammo on the field… I couldn’t find my whisk… which added to the pressure to hurry up further because I wanted to take my time over my favourite part of patisserie – the finishing.

But this was not meant to be.  I only had a few minutes at the end of the day to finish and plate.  Not ideal… but I suppose all is well that ends well. 

No casualties to report…

Except for me…



6 thoughts on “End of Patiserie Course (FINAL EXAM)!

  1. Fantastic! All looked superb in the end. Do you get “Top Chef” in South Africa? While it’s not patisserie, it’s still cooking… and the pressures that one endures throughout. Despite being veganarian, I always love watching (although no longer have the time to do so).x

    1. Thanks Lou!! I was finito when that last shot was taken by Gaby… a picture sure does speak a thousand words!

  2. Glad you are finished – Well done!! It all looks beautiful and of you don’t get 5-star rating from your examiner(s) I will go and break his/her/their kneecaps. Or more appropriately, pelt them with plastic icing pellets. Hope you are now going to have a good long break …

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