Are you the one for me, Patisserie?

I was the girl who was always volunteering to lick my Mom’s wooden spoons when she was baking. I was also always in trouble for dipping my fingers into the icing on her cakes.  Maybe it’s not surprising that I ended up studying Patisserie!

Here are a set of questions (based on my own experience and nothing scientific), should you be wondering if Patisserie is the career for you:

  • Do you enjoy the sensual feel of warm chocolate?
  • Does colour and form excite you?
  • Is your television always on the cookery channel?
  • Do you dream about food?
  • When you go to a restaurant do you first look at the desserts section of the menu?
  • Are you fanatical about presentation?
  • Do you love all things French?
  • Do you delight in beautiful desserts or patisseries?
  • Do you daydream about different taste combinations?
  • Do you head straight for the cookery section of the book store?
  • Do you love the smell of bread baking in the oven?
  • Do you savour taste?
  • Do you love to share?
  • Do you sometimes wonder why dessert isn’t served before the main course? 🙂

While it is a very creative calling, it is also a tough job. Kitchen hours are long and not always well paid. Don’t let that stop you though if you feel you have a passion for patisserie!  Once you’re confident, you can select the establishments you want to work at or even work for yourself.

As a Pastry Chef you may not be saving the rainforests but your impact can still be profound.  By delighting those around you, you make the world a sweeter place!


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