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Christmas cake decor – adding a personal touch

We worked with small Christmas cakes today.  Le Riche, who was in a sad state after hearing of the death of  two of his friends in a car accident, found the sun within and decorated a small cake for me (see above) and another with a heart motif (see below).


It felt like there was a lot of love and care going around at Chef School.  I’m not sure if it was because of the sad news or because our time together is coming to an end… or because we were all quietly pondering on what life is really about… and wondering what we can learn from the death of two young people. 

Life is Soooooooooooooooooooooooo short, it’s over in a flash… and yet, our brains just don’t seem to GET IT… if we knew we were going to be gone tomorrow, how would we behave today?  Would we express our love unashamedly?  Smell the roses more deeply, feel the breeze on our skins, watch the clouds floating by above us, stand in awe of a snail with it’s little feelers and compact home on its back? 

Sorry if I’m getting a bit emotional but I wish we’d all realize this … including myself!


HOW TO PREPARE THE CAKE & ICING (see seperate recipes for each individual item, except plastic icing which is bought ready made):

  • Bake fruit cake in a rectangular tin
  • Cut into same-size small blocks

  • Roll out marzipan and plastic icing (and sides if required) and cut to correct size.  Place a thin layer of warm apricot jam on top of the cake and lay down the marzipan.  Place a thin layer of sugar syrup on top of the marzipan and glue the plastic icing on top of the marzipan

  • Prepare royal icing (to pipe your decoration) and place inside a piping bag
  • Decorate & sprinkle with edible coloured powder

We finished our cakes by wrapping them with tin foil (and placing them on a foil covered cardboard base) but one could work magic with all kinds of materials.

Here’s to those we love and… the rising of another day.


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