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How to make Marzipan

My dad used to get marzipan every Christmas from his aunt (she gave it to nobody else but him).  He didn’t bother unwrapping it… but would say ‘Thank you Hennie!’ with a sparkle in his eye.  This is not the same recipe but I am sure he would approve!

MARZIPAN INGREDIENTS (yields aproximately 1 990 grams)

  • 910 grams almond paste (see seperate recipe below which is the correct amount for this marzipan recipe)
  • 120 ml glucose/sugar syrup or corn syrup
  • 910 grams sieved icing sugar


  • Mix almond paste with the glucose/sugar syrup at a LOW speed until combined (in a mixing bowl with a hook attachment)
  • Add the icing sugar (add until you have a firm yet malleable dough – don’t overmix or use a high speed as the heat will soften it and you’ll end up adding too much icing sugar)
  • Scrape down the bowl every now and then
  • Wrap in plastic and store in an airtight container in a cool place


  • 285 grams dry blanched almonds
  • 285 grams sieved icing sugar
  • 300 ml stock syrup/simple syrup


  • Place almonds in a high speed food processer and process to a powder
  • Sieve through a metal sieve (scrape through the holes with a metal spoon) to achieve an even finer powder
  • Add icing sugar
  • Gradually add the simple syrup while the machine is running until it forms a paste (add more or less depending on how dry the almonds are – freshly blanched almonds require less syrup)
  • Store in a tightly covered container at room temperature (it will last for a week) or in the fridge (for a longer period) 

NOTE: A paste versus a powder is okay as long as you achieve a smooth consistency!

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