Who said ‘a rose is a rose is a rose’?!

Something strange is happening to the wiring in my brain. I think it’s called seeing-things-through-patisserie-tinted-glasses.   On a recent trip to the new Cape Quarters in Cape Town, I discovered that a lamp is not a lamp and a pair of shoes is not a pair of shoes!

Beautiful forms and colours are now either seen as patisseries: ‘Wow, what an amazing sugar-sculpture!’

Shoes for the Choux Girl

OR as inspiration for future patisseries: ‘Now that would make an interesting cake!’

Lights by Christoph van der Berg @ Castelyn Berg

Teapot by Andile

The teapot above can be bought at IMISO  The outrageous lamps can be sourced from Castelyn Berg What I loved about Christof (designer and owner, pictured below) is that he sees patisserie as an art form. 

Christoph van der Bergh in his shop

As does Louis, from Dillon and Jada (.com) who said that finding a pair of shoes you like is just like biting into something delicious… ‘a silent moment where you are just in heaven…’ 

Needless to say, I just HAD to have those shoes!

'A silent moment' ...


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  1. Wow Christof, what a super duper surprise… thanks for your message!

    See you at CQ soon.

    x L

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