How to make caramel for profiteroles, according to Olivia

Olivia & I preparing profiteroles

Olivia, my gorgeous little niece,  decided to be my assistant at a recent dinner party.  Our mission: mix up sugar and water to make caramel for the profiteroles and pipe yummy custard into each one.

Chef Olivia

Chef Olivia

Olivia presented our finished ‘mini croquembouche’ and explained how to make the caramel:

‘Well, first you must put a glass of cold water next to the caramel because you can REALLY burn if you’re not careful… and then, um… you mix about two spoons of water with about one hundred THOUSAND kilograms of sugar… and you DON’T stir it once there are bubbles… you just leave it until it turns GOLD.’ 

Olivia explaining how to make caramel

Olivia's profiteroles

Thanks Chef Olivia, that’s about it (just delete the ‘thousand kilo’ part so that you have 100 grams of sugar to 2 tablespoons of water, for those searching how to make caramel for profiteroles)!

PS. If you’re wanting to know HOW TO MAKE PROFITEROLES , check out my blog post


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