Ratatouille – The Movie

What a delightful movie is Ratatouille – Disney’s animated story about a rat who is a gifted chef.

It is a journey of discovery into what good food is all about – from the ingredients to the cooking to the actual eating. The character ’Ego’, who is the terrifying food critic, is questioned as to how a man who loves food can be so skinny. He replies that he won’t swallow what isn’t good.

The food facts are accurate and inspired – Thomas Keller of The French Laundry (voted 5th best restaurant in the world by S. Pellegrino) consulted on the script and Jamie Oliver gets to play the health inspector.

It took me ages to finally see it (‘oh, it’s just a cute kids movie, isn’t it?’) but when I ran out of ‘foodie’ movies to watch at the video store, the girl behind the counter INSISTED that I take it out. Since then, I haven’t found an adult (or child) who hasn’t adored it.