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How to make Tresse bread – using a standard sweet dough recipe

Lana's Tresse Bread

As I write, I am nibbling on some of the Tresse bread I made in class today (with butter and honey and a cup of tea).  It turned out beautifully!

See ‘how to make standard sweet dough for bread’ for the bread recipe. Chef Tim demonstrates how to prepare and plait the bread in the photos below:

Roll dough & cut into smaller pieces (I worked on 85 g a piece)

Once you have made your bread dough and left it in a warm place to double in size, gently ease it out of its container and roll.  Cut same-size pieces (I worked on 85 grams per piece) and roll into balls as seen below.

Pastry Tresse Bread etc 118

Take two balls and roll out into two long sausage shapes.  Cross one over the other and continue plaiting the dough, as depicted below. 

Tuck the end pieces under the bread.  Leave in a warm place to rest and then egg wash before baking at 180 degrees celsius (until golden brown).   You could also brush the bread with sugar syrup (swiftly and lightly) as soon as it comes out of the oven. 

The dough should have a good ‘spring’ in it when stretched.