Is it a cake – or is it a hat?!

Chef Tim's French Wedding Cake - Profiterole Cake

I’ve always been intrigued by the traditional French wedding cake.  It’s an unusual structure – made up entirely of caramel coated profiteroles which are filled with creme patisserie or variations thereof.  I asked Chef Tim how they are made and he gave us a demonstration.

The process is much simpler than I thought (although it is time consuming):

  • Make choux pastry (see how to make choux pastry)
  • Pipe your profiteroles onto a baking tray and pop into the oven (see how to make a Saint Hanore cake)
  • Make your creme patisserie (see how to make creme patisserie/pastry cream)
  • Make your caramel (see how to make caramel)
  • Coat the tops of your profiteroles with caramel and pipe creme patisserie into the undersides
  • Lay your first layer of profiteroles RIGHT WAY UP onto a plate (glue the undersides with caramel to create stability)
  • Glue your next layer onto the base layer SIDEWAYS using caramel as your glue (that was the missing link for me)
  • Carry on layering profiteroles as above creating a conical shape as you go
  • Fill the inside of the cake with loose profiteroles as you go

You could fill the profiteroles with chocolate or coffee flavoured pastry cream or mix the pastry cream with cream for a lighter Saint Hanore cream. 

The French often decorate their profiterole wedding cakes with sugar coated almonds or ‘candy floss’ caramel. 

It turns out that Chef Tim did, in fact, make a profiterole cake hat for a beauty queen a few years back.  What one can do with choux!


2 thoughts on “Is it a cake – or is it a hat?!

  1. The spun sugar you see in the pic was created by Chef Tim using hot caramel and two forks layed back to back (and held firmly in one hand) : he dipped the forks into the caramel and then moved the forks backwards and forwards in long strokes thus creating the candy floss look.

  2. You will find the choux pastry recipe on my blog – if you’re wanting to know how to make PROFITEROLES! Just search choux pastry and you’ll find a detailed description… !

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