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How to make Mille-feuilles – as demonstrated by Tim Woodford, our Principal

Rectangular shaped mille-feuille

Mille-feuilles are pastries consisting of layers of puff pastry and custard.  You could use whipped cream and fruit as an alternative to custard.

Prepare your puff pastry (see how to make puff pastry) – cut out 3 circles of the same size (or rectangle shapes)

Mille-feuilles - cut shape from puff pastry

Dock them (or pierce gently all over with a fork) to allow for even rising.  Allow to rest for a short period before baking.

Apricot jam on top

Prepare creme patisserie or custard (see how to make pastry cream.  In this case, don’t allow the custard to cool down – you’re going to spread it onto the puff pastry while it is still hot)

Once the puff pastry is baked, layer two puff pastry circles with pastry cream/custard and the third piece with apricot jam

Layer with pastry cream (custard)

Layer one custard covered puff pastry circle on top of the other

Alternate layers of puff pastry and custard

Prepare for the final top piece as follows:

  • Warm fondant to blood temperature
  • Melt chocolate and place into a small holed piping bag
  • Brush fondant over apricot jam
  • Make a swirl of chocolate over the fondant
  • Run the back of a knife across the topping first one way and then the other to create the pattern below (work quickly while the fondant and chocolate are still warm!)

Thin chocolate whirl over warm fondant

Knife patterning

Clean the edges with a spatula. 

Optional:  layer the outside with finely crushed loose puff pastry.

Layer fondant & add chocolate lines


2 thoughts on “How to make Mille-feuilles – as demonstrated by Tim Woodford, our Principal”

  1. It is vital to have everything ready when it comes to working on the top piece. Work fast so that the fondant and chocolate are warm enough to facilitate the patterning.

    A note on fondant: too hot and it will set too quickly… too cold and it won’t set.

    We buy our fondant ready made at chef school.

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