2nd commission- Zenda’s 50th birthday

Zenda is a tall, vivacious and gorgeous woman – full of vitality and goedspa.  ‘Who ARE you?’ she asked me as I laid out the blueberry and strawberry tarts at my last commission.  ‘You simply HAVE to do the desserts for my fiftieth!’  Her positive energy and warmth were tangible (it turns out she is a power life coach).

Second Commission - Zenda's 50th 302

We had a great time preparing for Zenda’s fifty guests last night. I got two Zevenwacht colleagues involved as chefs: Edward and Juan (who has just been recruited by The Hilton Hotel in USA) and while they were cooking up a storm, I was doing the finishing touches on the desserts and the dessert table. 

Second Commission - Zenda's 50th 299

Second Commission - Zenda's 50th 296

It’s the first time I’ve worked behind the scenes with the chefs – there’s something to be said for the high energy action, discipline, creativity and camaraderie that happens in a hot and happening kitchen.  Besides that it was fun – with guests popping in and out to see what was cooking and Zenda and Phillip cheering us on.

Second Commission - Zenda's 50th 289

When I hugged them goodbye, I felt touched again by their generous spirit and their large approach to life.  A fabulous evening!


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  1. WOW Lana – you are AMAZING!!!! What an incredible spread … my mouth is watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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