1st commission – Jenny’s 70th birthday party

1st Commission - Jenny & Louise

1st Commission Oct 09 151

Arriving in Llandudno with so much gear, you could have mistaken me for a professional caterer.  But there I was with Shane who was carrying in all the groceries, saying hi to everybody, hugs all around. 

The entire Killeen family was there to prepare the main course for their Mom’s 7oth birthday party.  My mission was desserts.  After a week of experimenting, the final picture popped into my head:  deep fried choux balls (filled with melt in your mouth lemon mousse) piled up high and surrounded by the rich colour variation of fruit tarts.

I prepared everything outside with a view of the sea while Shane, Dylan and the children helped with frying and filling the choux balls, whipping cream and offering ongoing taste tests.

1st Commission Oct 09 167

When everything was laid out, I was so happy to see Jenny smile and say, ‘you know, I really think you should go and spend some time working at a patisserie in Europe… !’

1st Commission Oct 09 191

1st Commission Oct 09 192

1st Commission - Final spread


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  1. WOW – it looks fantastic Lana! Congratulations on what looks like a highly impressive and successful party … wish I were there to taste your treats … am desperately looking forward to that day!

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