Our Green Monster Children’s Cake

Chef Tim gave us an exciting new project the other day: he broke us up into groups of three and told us to get cracking with a theme cake using plastic icing.  We’ve never done this kind of thing before.

Green Dragon Cake 005

The book ‘Enchanted Cakes’ inspired us to action and my group decided to do The Green Monster (or is it a Dragon?!).  I made the head, scales and body.  Edward made the legs (great aging effect on the skin) and tail.  Kimberley worked on the base.  We all got involved in the prepping:  colouring the icing, making the sponge base etc.

Our first plastic icing cake

Our friendly little wrinkly monster is going to surprise Sara on her ninth birthday.

Dragon/Green Monster Cake

Our classmates’ creations are pictured below : a dragon by his lair, a ladybird and gnome on his home.

Classmates' Dragon's Den Cake

Classmates' Lady Bird Cake

Classmates' Gnome Cake

Since we’re on the subject of children’s cakes, my sister, Natalie,  has just sent me a pic of her Humpty Dumpty Cake.  And this Humpty did have a great fall – it slid off it’s fresh strawberry icing just before this pic was taken. Fortunately all the King’s horses & all the King’s men didn’t have to put Humpty together again!

Natalie's Humpty Dumpty Cake


4 thoughts on “Our Green Monster Children’s Cake

  1. actually, this picture was taken shortly AFTER humpty dumpty slid off the cake. so, in fact, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men quickly assembled poor humpty again.

  2. LOL! Oh sorry, thought you said it happened before… either way, Humpty’s fate seems to be sealed!

  3. I am herewith, OFFICIALLY, commissioning you to do Chiara’s 1st birthday cake!!! Will discuss details so PLEASE PEN in your diary for delivery on the 20th December. xxx

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