The ultimate bread therapy : Pain Brie

Chef Tim has organised a slightly different schedule for me this week (to can catch up on the days I recently missed).  So while the class was making apple strudel this morning, I was making Pain Brie, a French bread that looks something like a cycling helmet. 

‘So how come Chef is getting you to make breads the whole time… we haven’t even made this bread yet?’ said Edward as he measured up some flour.  ‘Really, you haven’t made this yet? That’s interesting.’ 

I did wonder about that for a second or two (how come I’m the only one getting to make Pain Brie?), but without much further ado (making bread is one of my favourite things to do at Chef School),  I got down to work, gathered all the ingredients and started mixing the dough.  It was a very tough dough and could not be kneaded or thrown.

‘You’ve got to fold it and then hit it with a rolling pin my dear,’ said Chef Tim.  I took out my rolling pin but he suggested I use his – a larger and heavier wooden pin that looked something like a British Bobby’s  batton.  He showed me the technique and I got straight to it:

Fold the dough and WHACK WHACK WHACK it flat, fold again and WHACK WHACK WHACK it flat etc etc.  Another part of the technique is to push down on the rolling pin with your full body weight.  So there I was whacking the dough like a maniac making a thundering racket and using my entire body in the process while my fellow students called across the class to find out what the heck I was doing.

Even the second year students working on the other side of the kitchen on the mixing machines looked up and giggled.  ‘I really do think Chef is helping you get your ex out of your system!’ someone said.  Bianca caught my eye and beamed.  I jumped off my feet to come down on the dough with the rolling pin, full force.   Next thing we were all laughing our heads off.  And I realized there was not an iota of high emotion left in me.

Working with Pain dough is EXCELLENT therapy (recipe to follow anon)!


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  1. Love it Lans!!! Hope you imagined … as you were WHACK WHACK WHACKING! 🙂

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