How to make Choux Pastry (for profiteroles & Saint Hanore Cake etc)

The St Hanore cake makes use of choux paste and it’s just the most awesome thing to eat.  Here’s the recipe we used for our Choux paste/pastry.  The full recipe for the Saint Hanore Cake is posted above.


500 ml water

200 g butter

Pinch of salt

Pinch of castor sugar

350 g bread flour

8 eggs

1 teaspoon of baking powder (if your eggs are not fresh)


Bring water, sugar, salt and butter to the boil in a saucepan

St Hanore OWN & bagette prep 037

Remove from the heat once melted and add sieved flour – mix in with a wooden spoon

Return to medium heat and stir continuously until mixture leaves the side of the pot (ie. cook out until it looks thick, oily and ‘sweaty’ – it will cook into a ‘ball’)

St Hanore OWN & bagette prep 044

Remove from heat to cool and GRADUALLY add beaten eggs ONE AT A TIME (!) – check your consistency as you go (you might not need all the egg)…

St Hanore OWN & bagette prep 051

When the paste seperates when you put your finger through it and holds the indentation it’s probably ready (it should fall off a spoon s l o w l y)

Put the paste into a piping bag with a normal nozzle and pipe whatever you may need onto a baking tray.  In the photo below the small circles are Chouxs or Profiteroles and the large circle is the base for a Saint Hanore cake (where choux paste is piped in a whirl shape on top of puff pastry)

St Hanore OWN & bagette prep 035

This is how they look once baked @ about 180 degree celsius until they are golden brown.  Test for readiness by tapping on one – readiness is signified by a hollow sound.  Yip, these little beauties are hollow: perfect for piping in decadent things like cream, custard or a mixture of the two… or whatever else you may desire! 

St Hanore OWN & bagette prep 053

Experiment with choux paste – you can make chocolate eclairs as well as a number of other things (half of which I don’t know about yet).

St Hanore OWN & bagette prep 061

Choux - Profiteroles St Hanore Cake Eclairs 025


Au revoir!


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