First Few Weeks of Chef School – Quick Catch Up While Watching Bag(g)ettes Bake in the Oven

You’d think I’d have better things to do this morning than sit in front of  the oven on the floor in a flour-sprinkled apron with my laptop.  It’s not  like I don’t have a TO DO list the length of a roll of toilet paper (‘flush it away, flush it away!’) or a house to sort out – my boyfriend and I have just moved in together (‘boxes, boxes!’)… 

It’s just that the smell of these bagettes and the warmth of the stove on this crisp Saturday morning are soothing to the soul!  And it’s been a hectic last few weeks… Getting up at 6am every morning to get to class on time, paying attention to each second as we’re shown the secrets of the trade by our teacher… Keeping an eye on the oven while preparing another dish (‘and cleaning up as you go along class!’)… wondering when ‘ready’ is (‘it’s ready when it’s ready class!’)… and taking photos of everything (‘damn, another blurry one!’) while cruising from a how-to -session with Chef and jotting down notes and collecting and weighing ingredients etc etc… to the hour’s trip home, throwing my rolling pins, whisks, text books, recipe books etc etc down.. Kisses and hellos with my boyfriend, tasting the day’s creations(‘ooooooooohhhhh this is DELICIOUS….. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. I REALLY think we need to go roller-blading Sweetie Darling!’)… to preparing for the next day and floating off into dreamland around 12pm (‘ahhhh just one more hug, Delicious!’)… and up again in six hours (‘this can’t go on!’)…

But besides the busyness of it all, I’ll sum it up as follows:


The more we do in class, the more mistakes we make, the more we work the dough, the more we taste (‘and share!’) our wares, the more we simply want to do it…

There’s something light and and magical about baking.

And now, back to the baggettes… they’re brown and crisp and as I open the oven, the kitchen smells like heaven…

 And surely heaven smells something like this?

Smells like Heaven!


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  1. wow lans! it’s wonderful. just makes for happy catch up. how do you protect your words on a blog. love the new pic. maybe do your heading type in black xx x

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