Chef’s Outfit – Le Secret Ingredients

The Outfit

As a master of her craft, a Patisserie Chef cannot help but seduce even the most straight laced of patrons with her mouth-watering treats.  Highly trained in the art of delicousness, not only must she use the best ingredients she can find, but she must also dress for success. 

The uniform is strict, an almost militant affair, ironic considering the delicacy of the Patisserie Chef’s creations :

Double breasted black shirt with black buttons

Black pants

Black non-slip rubber soled shoes

Black fez

Black apron – wrap around tie with tight bow in front

What is seldom mentioned is that the Patisserie Chef is inspired by all things French and all things light: she wears, underneath her little black number, the silkiest and smoothest of secret ingredients!

She is is a Master Seductress, after all.


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